Why should you choose downdraft gas cooktops for your kitchen?


Do you relish the lovely aroma of food being cooked on gas cooktops? Well, if you are a food or cooking enthusiast, you sure do. But when the fumes and smoke generating due to the burning of gas fills the kitchen and the house, you sure would hate it through and through. That’s exactly why steps are taken to ensure that fumes and smoke to not become a bother to you and the best way to go so is choosing a downdraft cooktop for your kitchen.

Though rangehoods are also a feasible solution to this problem, yet most people prefer choosing downdraft gas cooktops over rangehoods and believe it or not, there are ample reasons for doing so:


The downdraft system generally includes a fan which works at sucking down the smoke and fumes that are generated during cooking. Unlike rangehoods, the downdraft system doesn’t take up additional space in the kitchen nor does it require adjustments of the surrounding items and appliances to install one. Downdraft cooktops can be placed practically anywhere you want without wasting valuable space or creating inconvenience.


Since the downdraft system is placed beneath the cooktop, usually under tabletops or inside cabinets, they do not harm the aesthetic value of the kitchen like rangehoods do. Naturally, they are much preferred by those who are conscious about their kitchen décor and do not want to mar it for something as small as this.

Easy cleaning

Gas cooktops that come with the downdraft system are comparatively easier to clean because you do not have to deal with accumulated smoke and fumes like in the case of rangehoods. All you need to do is follow the instruction manual and you will be done. There would be no need of cleaning the high rising hood which may often be out of your easy reach.


Downdraft gas cooktops are lighter on the pocket as well. This is mainly because the downdraft system is already integrated to the cooktop when you buy it meaning that there is no need of spending money for its installation like in the case of hoods. Not only that, downdraft cooktop units are cheaper than hooded ones because there is no need of pipe work, ventilation, etc. as with rangehoods.

However, downdraft cooktops aren’t ideal in every way possible. Though they are good for small kitchens that cannot accommodate the huge hood to carry away the smoke and the fumes, yet they can become ineffective if the kitchen doesn’t have a good ventilation system and natural airflow. Since the fans of the downdraft mechanism work at sucking the air downwards, there must be connected duct(s) that can carry the hot air out of the room and the house. If such ducts aren’t already built in, you may have to spend some money for its installation as well as for guaranteeing that proper ventilation is maintained. Since the downdraft gas cooktops work against the laws of physics, having the perfect network of ducts, ventilation pipes, etc. is important to ensure its effectiveness.