Property Meth Test


It is necessary to do property meth testing before you are planning to buy a home, or rent a home, or in a holiday or to invest in any property. The meth testing will help you find if the property is contaminated by Meth or not.

You can find a meth detection service that can do the complete consultative process to detect the meth levels and offers the complete solutions for the contamination. They conduct the presumptive test initially to find the level of contamination and then provide the complete remedial clean-up solutions and make your house totally meth free.

What is Meth Contamination?

The Methamphetamine contamination happens when the smoking process and manufacturing for meth that is also called as “P” will release highly toxic residues on walls, carpets, ceilings, and every part of the buildings, homes, and property.

The contamination level also depends on the process that is used to make the meth. According to the reports, the estimated toxic level for one kilogram of crystal meth manufactured can produce seven kilograms of toxic chemicals and contaminate the property with toxic waste.

Symptoms and Effects of Meth Exposure:

If you are exposed to meth toxins or related chemicals, it causes eye irritation, severe headaches, coughing, nausea, dizziness or shortness of breath, chest pain, skin irritation, weakness, feeling of coldness, and fatigue.

The meth detection services provide a 30-minute presentation for free to educate the people, and the presentation helps the owners or agents to understand the significant effects and signs of the contamination of the property by “P” or meth and what precautions you should take, etc. This presentation can help you learn more about the meth and its risks and help you avoid to get rid of the grips of the meth contaminated property and save your money.

The presentation can be utilized for a business training day, personal investment, or any other forum.  Stained door frames and walls, blackened windows, and trash overflowing from dustbins, and CCT security are the evidence that proves that the house is used to manufacture the meth secretly.

Proper Sampling:  The way to get the accurate results is getting the sample from the particular area of the house. It is very important to get the samples from the proper area of the property where the methamphetamine was cooked. These samples may not provide accurate results on the contamination levels, but it can surely help you make wise decisions.


New standards released: The people who are eagerly waiting for NZS 8510 testing and decontamination of meth-contaminated properties have been released recently by SNZ (Standards New Zealand). The standard will talk about the public anxiety on the safety of residents in New Zealand where the authorities found the methamphetamine.

The standard will assure that activities like testing, screening, assessing, and decontamination of contaminated properties and discarding of their stuff are executed with good practice.  The standard was created by a group of 21 experts from significant industries in the private and public sector.