Business Mentoring


Business mentoring during the early-stages of startups can have a huge impact. The great business mentor can help you understand the business with their experience and help the new businessmen from making the same startup mistakes, which they did during their period.

However, finding the best mentor is very import to get the positive impact and who can help you grow your business successfully.  You should know and recognize what attributes can make a great mentor. You should also know how to approach the great mentor and how to make the most out of the relationship. Choosing the best mentor is always profitable, but you will find several types of mentor associations, thriving and not.

Here are the three important steps to find the experienced mentor for business mentoring.

Identify what makes a great mentor:  The best business mentors are those who ask a lot of questions and make you face the challenges to reach your goals. To make you do this, they will share their own struggles and experiences and help you overcome the obstacles and discover new opportunities.

However, you should know that the best mentors should not tell you everything to get success, they cannot spoon feed you.  Their role is to give proper advice on how to manage your business, and then you should take control of it, but, not your mentor. The mentor who tries to instruct everything to the businessmen might get irritated easily when the entrepreneurs do not follow the instructions, which can further cause more damage and the business gets more negative results.

Also, the best mentor does not ask for compensation, and the best mentors will always be ready to help the new businessmen with their experience. But, sometimes you will find mentors who ask for compensation for their advice and help, but they might help you produce good results as well. So the choice is yours.

Find a good match: Many people feel that the busiest mentor is the best advisor, which might not be true in some cases.  This type of mentors may sporadically work, but it is more prolific to investigate your close network and look for mentors who have the relevant experience.

Instead of looking for the busiest mentor, look for the chief executives of companies who are in the related business and who you admire the most.  These business people generally like to share their experience, and they love to spend time in your business. To make the connection with these mentors, you should first send a short email and explain why you want their help.

Make the best use of the mentor relationship:  Once you found the mentor and established a connection, then you should bond or build a business relationship with the mentor. To do this, you need to send the details regularly by email. When your mentor sees your progress, he/she will feel happy that their advice is helpful. To maintain a good relationship, you must send emails to your mentor once a while and update them regularly, which makes them happy and encouraging.

Maximize the relationship with your mentor by asking new questions in emails and make sure that the conversation continues.