Why should you buy white gold charm bracelets?


If you frequently buy jewellery for yourself and others, you may have jewellery well noticed that most online, as well as offline stores, now have a huge collection of charm bracelets for kids, women, and men. These bracelets may be made of various types of metals. The most common and cheap ones are made of stainless steel while the expensive ones are usually made of 18k gold. Though gold is a universal metal, many do not actually like the color of gold or do not prefer to wear gold plated or gold jewellery at all occasions.

To offer an alternative option to people, manufacturers started making white gold charm bracelets. These bracelets are made of white gold, which looks quite similar to platinum but is actually gold inside. The gold is actually treated with metals like nickel, palladium, silver, etc. that creates an alloy that contains impure gold but looks very close to platinum. This alloy is then further treated with rhodium to give the chic white finish to the metal. A 18 k jewelry will contain about 75% of gold, a 14k contains 58% while a 9k contains 38% of gold.

Benefits of choosing white gold bracelets

Though gold may be a popular choice of metal for charm bracelets, white gold gives the wearer certain advantages over the other types of metals being used.

  • For example, since white gold isn’t pure gold and generally contain 75% -50% of gold, the price of the bracelet is usually quite less as compared to pure gold plated bracelets. So, you can easily buy one or more of these bracelets without a huge a pocket pinch.
  • Moreover, some people may face problems with bracelets of cheap metals due to their highly sensitive skin. But not with white gold! Gold is hypoallergenic and thus easily prevents the breakout of rashes on sensitive skin. So, bracelets made out of white gold are suitable for almost all types of people.
  • The dazzling whitish finish of white gold is another added advantage of using the alloy. It gives a shiny look and doesn’t look dull even after repeated uses.
  • Additionally, the alloy of gold with other metals makes it extremely strong and durable and gives it a more compact look. Naturally, the alloy doesn’t get scratched very easily and can be easily worn by active people without any fear of damaging the bracelets.
  • Moreover, the benefit of buying white gold charm bracelets is that they look quite sophisticated and stylish and can be easily matched with various types of outfits – everyday wear to corporate wear where actual gold may not be quite suitable.
  • Every day more and more designs are being added to the already existing ones and you can find practically anything that you may want for your wardrobe.

So, if you are ready to spend a few dollars, you can easily buy yourself white gold charm bracelets that will surely be a prized possession for you and can enhance your beauty and style statement. Every penny that you spend in buying one will be worth it!