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At old age, convenience, comfort, and safety are the crucial elements of your or your loved one’s environment, and here you can find some of the residential care facility types that allow you to decide what is the best retirement village that serves yours or your family member needs.

ILC (Independent Living Communities):

In the retirement communities, you will have perfect option and control on over all facets of your life. If you like to live independent lives and in all phases of daily living, including dressing, bathing, mentally alert, bladder and bowel control, and able to walk. These Independent Living Communities offer a pleasant and living environment for you or any senior of a particular age, and they provide different housing styles. The residential style includes townhouses, single-family house, high-rise apartments, duplexes, mobile homes, and condominiums. You can either rent or own a mobile home. Also, the ILC provides various types of services, including fire and police protection, recreational and social activities, and more.

ALF (Assisted Living Facilities):

ALF is also known as congregate housing that is a perfect option for the individuals who require minimal or no help. Assisted Living Facilities allow you to live in your own apartment, and it they fix the emergency signaling devices in your home, including dining rooms, living room,  and laundry room. They provide the services, including central dining program, transportation, health, housekeeping, security services, non-personal laundry, and organized recreational activities are also available in the services.

RCF (Residential Care Facilities):

Residential care facilities are also called care homes, board, sheltered housing, personal care homes, or domiciliary care homes. RCF provides housing for individuals who need help with medical needs or personal care.  The RCF is a state licensed facility, and it should have some staffing needs.  The RCF is available 24 hours a day so they can attend immediately if the individual needs urgent care.

If you or your loved one can get the residential care facilities only if you are quite mentally alert, feed, able to dress, and able to go to the toilet by themselves, and eat meals sitting in a central dining room. It is the perfect choice for people who need moderate assistance with behavior and personal care. You can also ask for a specific facility for any policies regarding wheelchairs or walkers.

The RCF normally offers one-bedroom apartments or studio that does not contain kitchens, but you will get a storage unit and private bathrooms. Rarely, the residential care facilities offer shared rooms that may not be convenient for many.  That is why it is important to check your living arrangements before you consider taking the service from the provider.  Extra services include social activities, meals, housekeeping, and laundry service.

CCC (Continuing Care Communities):


Continuing care communities provide multi-level care facilities, and it offered the balanced and trained nursing home and assisted living facilities. The providers make sure to provide independent living facilities to the care recipient as long as possible and provide nursing assistance whenever it is needed. This living arrangement type is mostly helpful to couples who need a different level of care continuously and who are willing to maintain a strong and bonded relationship.