Ways to fix vertical lines after iPhone screen repair


After an iPhone screen cracks, the best way is to replace the screen, which might cost a bit but it will be a guarantee that iPhone screen repair would not be needed for a long time. After replacement, many people face with the problem vertical and zebra lines come on to the screen, which disturbs the user a lot, and they need anything to just remove those blue striped vertical lines. The vertical lines can be fixed after iPhone screen repairs or replacement in some solutions. The screen is not always faulty and sometimes, there might be other reasons in the phone. Some of the possible causes and solutions are listed as under:

  1. Static charge and charge in it

One reason for the vertical lines after iPhone screen repairs maybe a bad connection between the flex ribbons and the logic board, which can cause a static charge. This cause might not come into focus of people but it is there. If too much ESD is created, it can disturb the phone, which is not good at all. Body static removers are available which can remove static charge between the causes, which can cause the blue vertical lines. Before proceeding with the repairing of the iPhone, the static charge should be changed for the better. There are some precautions like wearing of an anti-static bracelet is compulsory and with that, an iron fan should always be put on so that no one catches fire.


  1. When the connection is bad

The first and foremost thing that one should check when there are vertical lines on iPhone screen repair is whether the connection between the logic board and flex cables is correct or not. There can be vertical lines if the connection is above 90 degree and that is an indication that a replacement is needed in the phone. Dust or debris may also cause the problem so you should always know the best way to deal with it. Once you have checked with all the problems, then you should see that the cables are properly connected with the motherboard and the connectors should be working well. The connectors should not be forced into the motherboard and bending of the flex cables should be strictly stopped.


  1. The IC might be damaged

If the above two problems are not the case, then there might be sure shot problem in the IC. The IC might be damaged and it might not have come in notice of any. The top and left corners of the cable should be checked properly and if there are any damages, then the IC needs to be removed and a new one should be trusted. iPhone screen repair can only work better when the damaged IC is changed for the better. The screen should be replaced in case of damaged IC. The IC should not be squeezed in any case.

These are some of the causes and the possible solutions to them. You have to be alert and active when you are dealing with electronics.