Cattery Auckland


Cattery Auckland offers luxury services and located in a scenic location. It has been offering outstanding cattery services to the residents of Auckland for several years now. The cattery offers both individual units and semi-communal suites, and bed sits. They maintain higher-standards and focus more on high-quality care and security for your pets. They have many years of experience and they also take care of cats and pets, also raising orphaned kittens. As a cat lover, you can understand how crucial for you to know that your cat is in good hands and well cared when you away or travel overseas.

You can also visit the place before boarding your pet in the cattery. You can take an appointment and find out all that the service provider provides for your cat.

Facilities and Accommodation:

Semi Communal: The Cattery Auckland provides spacious beds for each cat and these beds are much bigger than the standard requirement (code of suggestions and least standards for the benefits of pets in boarding organizations). The professional team feeds the cats in their own units to avoid cross pollution and is they allow the pets each morning to enter into the lounge to stretch and play.  The lounge area is fresh and light with the cats can enjoy the background music, and the entire environment creates a soothing and relaxed atmosphere.

The cattery Auckland is a perfect choice, as they provide plenty of toys, furniture, and climbing frames for the cats to play and cuddle on. The pets can also have the access to all weather decks from where the pets can watch other animals and birds, or they can just enjoy the fresh air.

Individual and Family Suites:

The cattery Auckland offers great options to choose, you can either select more than one cat and place them in one unit as a family and they can stay together in their own areas.  If you choose to put your cat separately in one unit, they can provide accordingly.  In case, your cat needs special care, then you can ask them before boarding for special care and they charge extra money.

Your cat can relax and enjoy the warm weather as each unit/site opens out to its own deck.  At cattery Auckland, you should book boarding for minimum three days and two nights, and in peak time the minimum booking is for seven days.

Choosing a family unit is a great option if you have more than one cat so that they can share one unit together. The bed sits can easily accommodate around four cats of the same family. Each room contains a bed to relax and the units will open out to their own deck facilitating each cat to relax and stretch in their own space.

They feed the cats twice a day with a premium pet food.  If your cat eats a special diet or prescribed diet, then you should inform the cattery team before boarding. They will provide the food as per the diet requirements or you can as well get the cat food from your home; they will store the food separately for your cat.