Tips on Giving Away Your Promotional Gifts

Promotional gift campaign is a great way to establish brand awareness and also let your employees or customers know that they are appreciated. However, before you delve deep into customizing the selected promotional item, here are the following tips that can help you held a successful giving away of promotional gifts.


  1. Make sure it does not come as offending

The first thing that you need to consider is the organization’s rules when it comes to gifts. Some companies prohibit any of their workers to receive gifts. And sometimes, it comes out as an offending especially if you are planning to hand a gift from someone in the government agency. They feel as if it’s a payment for what they have done before or what they could be their use of you in the future. Hence, be cautious in giving away gifts, even if your sole purpose is to increase brand awareness. A harmless watch can cause damage more than you could ever imagine.


  1. Target the tradeshows

If you can’t seem to think of a good way to hand out your gifts, you could opt for the tradeshows. It gives you the perfect opportunity to introduce your company and increase brand awareness in the process. People love receiving free items, especially if it would be put to a good use afterward.


  1. Don’t be extravagant

You don’t need to burn a hole in your pocket just to prove that you appreciate your customer’s loyalty or your worker’s hard-working habits. Less is more. keep the gifts simple yet useful. And of course, make sure that it is in the accordance with your company’s product or services.


  1. Choose your target audience carefully

If you really want to leave a good impression, make sure that you’re going to choose your target audience carefully. You don’t need to give everyone the promotional gifts. Create a list of your best employees, most loyal customers, and even close business colleagues. They will appreciate it if you hand the gifts to a smaller number of people, creating the impression that they are special.


  1. Make sure the item is useful

When it comes to choosing the promotional item, make sure that you’re going to choose one that could be put to a good use. Shirts, pens, highlighters, tumblers, and beer koozies are one of the best examples. Even tote bags and watches are really appreciated as well. The more they use the promotional gift you have given, the more opportunity of being seen by a potential customer. Since there is a wide variety of promotional items that you can choose from, make sure that you opt for items that they could really use and does not end up in the nearest trash bin before they even get home.


A proper distribution plan is imperical in order to achieve a successful promotional products campaign. Keep the aforementioned tips in mind as it can help you make proper decisions when it comes to giving away promotional gifts.