Old is Gold! Does it stand out in the world of SEO?


It has been pretty long since SEO has been used. People have successfully implement SEO over the years and have enjoyed a handsome benefit out of it. But as the search engine has evolved, so has the SEO. The techniques are new and there is more touch of natural ways than the old abnormal rush of traffic to your website.

Old methods

Backlink to the rescue

Once there was a belief that search engines only give priority to those websites only which will have more traffic to it. This was the primary reason for building thousands of backlinks irrespective of the quality and the value of the link. Eventually, the search engines understood the situation and it started eliminating websites which had irrelevant backlinks. Once the SEO Auckland experts realized that creating backlinks was of no use anymore they started building a secure network that will generate backlinks amongst each other.

Copied Content

The concept of the copyright of content is really a bit confusing. If you have a content written by your own writer, you have the copyright alright by according to the search engines you cannot use them in more than one place or website. You will need to write a fresh content every time you need to post. But if you go back say 5 years in the history of SEO, you will see that SEO Auckland experts used to post single content on multiple pages. And surprisingly that actually worked. But not anymore! You cannot use a single content in more than one place anymore. Otherwise, it will be considered as a copied content.

Link exchange

Link exchange was one of the favorite methods of SEO experts. The method was pretty simple; you need to find a suitable partner expert, who will be willing to out your link on his website and you will do the same for him. The benefit is that, you both will get all the advantage of bakclinks that you are sharing and traffic too. But soon this method was interrupted by search engines and the experts were forced to find an alternative solution. But according to the latest update, this link exchange does not work anymore, but you can post your links on different blogs and posts and get the benefit out of them.

Inorganic traffic

These days traffic quality matters very much for SEO, but there was a time when SEO Auckland service providers used to utilize the technique of auto traffic generation. This will lead thousands of traffic to your website, the only problem is that, you cannot understand which of the traffic may lead to a conversion as none of them is targeted. Soon after search engines changed the algorithm, the experts came out with the alternative solution of getting organic traffic in a natural way and since then, the SEO Auckland experts haven’t changed their way of action.

So, as you can see, the old methods once were real gold but in the current scenario they are not so much of gold really and you will need to adapt accordingly as well.